FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions
You must have the tenants name, owners name, property address, lease term, total amount of rent due, total amount of late fees, any additional funds owed by the tenant and the charge for the notice.
A tenant may legally withhold rent if the landlord is refusing to make repairs that are affecting the habitability of the home. There is a legal process they must follow to accomplish this.
Step 1: Serve tenant with a 5 Day Pay or Quit

Step 2: If the tenant does not pay by the expiration of the 5 Day Pay or Quit then you proceed to serve the 24 Hour Notice of Eviction. The easiest way to accomplish both of these is to use an Eviction Service.

Costs to me?

All costs are billed to the tenant. If they pay the rent they must include the late fees and service fee for the 5 Day Pay or Quit. If they do not pay and the eviction is fulfilled then all costs for the 5 Day as well as the 24 Hour Notice and rekey fee.

PM Fees 4

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