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Lisa Starrett, Property Manager

Premier Real Estate focuses on single-family homes, town homes and condominiums.

We understand that this is a money making venture for you as a landlord, so we are up front with our fees.

Our monthly management fee is 8% or $85 which ever is greater. This covers everthing from collecting rents to paying landords to overseeing repairs and colecting late payments.

There is no set up fee to put the property in the computer system which allows the tenant to pay the rent over the internet and also allows Premier Real Estate to pay the landlords through direct deposit.
We have a minimum reserve requirement of only $200.00, which covers the costs of minor repairs and maintenance work.
For advertising the property on the Multiple Listing Service, writing of the lease, screening the tenants, showing the property, yard sign, etc., we charge $500, $250 of which will be paid to the co-operating broker.

To negotiate with the tenant and keep them in the property by writing up a new lease we only charge $100.

No Advertising Fee -

We don’t charge extra for advertising your property. We include this service when we list your property on the MLS. We also advertise your property on Premier Real Estate 1Craigslist and hundreds of other websites all across the country. We concentrate our marketing online because over 98% of people look for properties find them online or with one of our REALTOR® partners.

If you would like something different in the way of advertising for your property such as print media, (local or out of state), there may be additional charges. We want to keep you happy, so if this is something that you feel is important to your property, we will be happy to add this to our already great advertising campaign.

Accounting & Record Keeping Services:

Premier Real Estate uses the best in technology to keep you informed about your property. We use Buildium online property management software to manage monthly payments, tenant applications, statements, maintenance requests, accounting, landlord direct deposits and online file storage. In essence all information of a sensitive nature is stored in their highly secure data base.

Buildium enables you, the landlord to login and check your accounts, to get paid by direct deposit to your account. It also allows the tenant to pay their monthly rent online as well as to request maintenance.

By the 20th of each month, Premier Real Estate will email you a detailed report breaking down all income and expenses for your properties. All invoices and receipts for any repaired items, as well as any correspondence on your property, will be included in each report.

Owner proceeds will be disbursed by the 15th of each month by direct deposit, unless the tenant pays late.

Premier Real Estate will also provide you with a 1099 tax form for all tax and accounting purposes.






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