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Buying a home is still as much a part of the American Dream as ever. It is one of the biggest decisions you will make, and not to be taken lightly. Homes cost a lot of money and require a commitment to maintenance. Renting is much less complicated.
So why buy a home? Home ownership provides key financial benefits. Owning your own home gives you a sense of freedom and feeling of security and pride. All in all, home ownership is generally a high-performing investment, well worth the effort.
Now that you have decided to investigate home ownership, the best way to approach your purchase is as an educated consumer. Make note of your questions and concerns as you read. I would be happy to help you with the answers.

What to look for in a home
The best way to prepare for the home search is to be clear about your wants and needs before you start looking for a home. Buying a home can be an emotional experience.
First of all, decide where you want to live. Location is the single most important factor in buying a new home. It will partially determine the price of the home and will be a powerful influence on your lifestyle. If you are from out of town, ask co-workers and acquaintances for their recommendations. Rely on the services of a Real Estate Professional. They make their business knowing the area. And best of all Buyer Representation is free!
New vs. Existing
Once you have identified a general geographic area for your new residence, decide what you want in a home. There are two basic categories: (1) a new or an existing structure or (2) a single family home or a townhouse or condominium.
The new versus existing question means weighing the benefits of established neighborhoods and sometimes superior building materials against the latest in amenities, appliances and style. Purchasing a new home requires the added expense of window coverings, upgrades in carpeting, landscaping and a great deal of time and patience. To many, an existing home that has been well cared for is much more attractive than a new home requiring months of decision-making and cash outlay.

Single Family Home vs. Townhouse/Condo

A single family home gives you the most privacy and choice. It is generally more spacious than that of a townhouse or condo and provides yard space for children to play and outdoor hobbies such as gardening. Landscaping can be designed to be maintenance free, giving maximum enjoyment for minimum work. Townhouses and condos free you from the burden of general upkeep and provide common areas with pools and other recreational facilities. They are also usually more affordable.
Narrowing your search to homes with specific features will save you lots of time. Make yourself a "Want List" defining your future home, prioritizing those items most important to you and your family. Of course, your final selection may require compromise on some points.
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