Buying A New Home

Buying a new home is not a simple process and many factors need to be considered. Here is information for you about some of the issues involved with buying a home.

Four reasons to buy a new home over a resale home
Anything new usually carries the buzzwords "cutting edge", "latest technology", "best design yet", and "ground floor opportunity". Used seems to connote "established", "mature", "time-tested", and the impression that buying something with previous experience evokes the adage "they don't make 'em like they used to".

Older homes vs. new homes: which is a better buy?
The question is a serious one for today's home buyers because interest rates are at an eight-year low, new residential construction is high, and demand for homeownership is strong.

Do new or existing homes offer the most for your money?
You can save money by going into an established neighborhood and updating an older home to your specifications, or you can buy a smaller new home. At the very least, your decision will be based largely on compromise -- new home/smaller space versus older home/remodeling costs.

The advantages of purchasing a new home
New homes offer numerous advantages such as convenience, safety, health, energy efficiency and less maintenance among other homeowner benefits.

Secrets to buying a model home
It's new, but it's not new. Then it's used. Well, kind of. But it has expensive hardwood floors, gorgeous landscaping, cute decorations in the kids room and a fireplace in the master bedroom.

Is there any room to haggle with the builder?
Is everything truly negotiable in real estate? You can "make your best deal" on a car, and you can counter offer on a re-sale (used) home, but what gives these days on new homes? Is there any room to haggle with the builder? How often are offers on newly constructed homes entertained or even tolerated in a market like this?

New home shopping evokes emotional choices
Obtain construction related approvals and permits. Before construction can begin, you'll need official signoff's from the local government building department, utility services and the architectural control board or committee, if any, that has authority over your home site.

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