Getting Ready To Sell Your Home

Preparing your home for sale need not be expensive or painful. If you start with a plan, you can organize what needs to be done, and figure out how much time and money you will need to get the job done.

Your plan should be built with advice from your real estate professional, who has the experience to know what improvements will maximize your home's attractiveness to potential buyers. Your real estate professional will show you how to see your home through the eyes of the buyer. You must be able to step back and see it as a "home for sale"!

Once you set your plan, put it in writing in the form of a "to do" checklist. Pay attention to details, inside and outside. Small touches will pay big dividends at the time of sale.

Maximize Curb Appeal

Be aware of the first impression your home makes. Positive first impressions often create immediate sales. Look at your home critically and catalog all the repairs and cleaning that need to be done before your home is to be shown.

Using your checklist, repair the things that are in need of repair. Buyers tend to think repairs cost more than they really do. If you think something is too much trouble to fix, the buyer will probably feel the same way and may be turned off!

Start on the outside, after all, that is where the buyer begins and that's where every buyer's first impressions are made& first! See your home from the street as the prospective buyer will, driving up to your home in the REALTOR's car. What do you see? Does the home look tidy, neat and clean? Would you want to get out of that car and run right in because you can "see" yourself& see your family living in this home?

Ask These Questions
  1. Do my lawn and yard appear to be in good condition, neat and well trimmed?
  2. Is there any "evidence" of pets or children's toys in the front yard, bikes or tools on the walk?
  3. Are any shrubs, bushes or trees touching the house?
  4. Are the driveway, front walk and front porch clean and tidy?
  5. Is the front door freshly painted, doorbell working and brass lock set polished?
  6. Are the windows, screens and storms clean?
Next Ask Yourself
  1. On entering my home, what will the home buyer see, smell and sense?
  2. A well lighted, uncluttered entrance foyer?
  3. Polished wood or clean, carpeted, tile or marble floors?
  4. A fresh fragrance in the air?
  5. Will the buyer have a sense of being immediately welcomed or being intrusive in my home?
  6. If I put out flowers or candles to welcome visitors to my home, why not do the same for home buyers, who, if they feel welcome, will want to live in my "welcoming" home?
 The objective is to make buyers feel comfortable& as comfortable as possible, in fact comfortable enough that they will see themselves living in your home!

Getting Ready To Show
One sure way to do that is to put on a fresh coat of neutral-color paint on the walls, and crisp, flat white paint on the ceilings. Painting or wall papering over freshly painted walls seems less of a chore.

Pay particular attention to kitchen and bathroom walls, ceilings and floors. All surfaces should be clean, bright and uncluttered.

Before every showing, make detailed inspection of your home to "bring it up to snuff" and maximize its appeal to the buyer.

You'll need to be creative to keep your home in tiptop, presentable shape throughout the time REALTORS will be showing it. Enlist every family member not only to keep their own spaces ready to show but also to help the family coordinator monitor for readiness, one other area per person.
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